5 Cold Calling Tips for Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a viable and effective marketing tool if you’re organized and have trained your people properly. Instead of relying on long lists of prospects, take the prospects you have and work smarter, not harder.

  1. Treat the screener like you would the customer. The person who answers the phone may not be the decision maker, but chances are they are the person who decides if you even get to talk to the person who makes the decisions.
  2. Be prepared when you get to the decision maker by gathering as much information you can before speaking to them. Ask the person screening the calls to help you. You can say something like, “I hope you can give me some information so I can be prepared and not waste anyone’s time.” By asking for help you are giving the impression the screener is doing you a favor and you may get a more favorable response and the information you need.
  3. Don’t sell right off. Yes that sounds counterproductive, but what you want to do is first of all is to have the person agree to speak with you. Do this by sparking their interest. Everyone wants to know what is in it for them. Use non-threatening words like maybe, perhaps, might, possibly, and depending on. This will keep them from getting defensive and getting you off the phone.
  4. Make them feel like they are the only person you talk to that day. Never say, “I was calling around in your area.” No one wants to be one of the herd. Make them feel like they are special.
  5. Use silence to your benefit. Don’t feel like you need to keep talking. Ask a question and then wait for the answer.

When done correctly, telemarketing can be a powerful marketing tool. These are just a few tips to get you started. Learn all you can about how to effectively communicate, and you can have an effective telemarketing campaign and see real results.


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