5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

facebook_mistakesWhen used correctly Facebook can be a very powerful marketing tool. When used incorrectly Facebook can become a giant headache and actually hurt your marketing efforts. Have you ever liked a business page only to be assaulted by numerous posts about itself, or worse boring posts which have nothing to do with the page? Don’t be that business. Learn the five most common Facebook marketing mistakes businesses use, and have a Facebook marketing strategy which actually works.

  • Getting on Facebook with no plan. Creating a business page on Facebook is easy. Anyone can do it. But if you don’t have a plan in place you will soon find out it is not an effective marketing tool. Just like everything else in marketing, you need a plan of action for your Facebook marketing efforts. What are your objectives and goals? Why are you on Facebook? Is being on Facebook even beneficial to your business (this answer is almost always yes). Once you know your goals you can then implement a plan to put them into action.
  • Facebook marketing isn’t free. Yes it is free to use Facebook, but to have a really effective marketing plan you will have to spend some money. Facebook offers different types of marketing plans for a fee. You have control over how many clicks you pay for each month. If you really want to use Facebook as a marketing tool, you will have to invest some money into ads to get your page in front of as many people as possible.
  • Not having a call to action on your Facebook page. It’s not enough to get people to like your page, you have to tell them what to do once they’re on there. A Facebook icon on your website is not the same as a call to action. You need to realize that to be truly effective you have to give people a reason for coming to your page and liking you. Offer something for free like an ebook or a discount. Give them a reason to come to your page and stay there.
  • Not embracing metrics or measuring your page’s statistics. Facebook metrics should be your best friend. With these numbers you will know how many people come to your page, how many are talking and posting about it, and how successful your page really is on the site. You can then take this information and see how it relates to any increases or decreases in your business. The worst case scenario is not measuring anything at all. You have to know if your marketing efforts are producing results or you’re just wasting time and money.
  • Being boring or posting too much. Your posts have to be engaging, interesting, and relate to your business. You also have to time them so that you don’t flood fan’s timelines or bore them out of their minds. A post each day is a good goal to reach for, but if you can’t three times a week is a good alternative. Make sure your posts are something people will actually find interesting. You don’t have to make each post an advertisement. Share interesting facts, news stories, and information related to your business. Ask people’s opinions and post polls. This will get your fans engaged.

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it. Use this list as a way to avoid the most common mistakes businesses make on Facebook. Tap into the powerful marketing potential of Facebook, and if you do it right you will see results. 

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