B-to-B and B-to-C Marketing – How to Use Them to Increase Your Revenue

Being a business owner, you assume that you know the in’s and out’s of the business world. The term business to business marketing is not new. However, if you’re a new company or you simply don’t understand this concept, then let’s look closer at this business term. Business to Business or B-to-B marketing is the marketing of goods and services to another business. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Surprisingly, if you were to ask a handful of people what B-to-B marketing was, chances are you get all different answers. The same applies for B-to-C  (Business to Customer) marketing.

In marketing, no matter who you’re marketing to, it is always best to set a goal; a target. So if in 2009 you wanted to achieve $500,000 in sales then perhaps for 2010 you may want to raise the bar and achieve $700,000 in sales. While marketing is about business, you need to be able to come up with new and refreshing marketing strategies. A fairly new concept being used over the past few years is using paper and video tutorials (or informative pieces) on the website to increase business. This could be information on how to use a product that is being sold or if you’re offering a service it could be about how that service works or how to choose a provider for that service. While you’re wanting them to choose your company, by giving them more information, you are actually making yourself the expert in this area to this potential customer. This goes for businesses or customers.Of course, this needs to be a constant process. You will always need new and fresh content or tutorials to keep your potential and current customers coming back for more.

Do you know what ROI means? It stands for Return on Investment. The goal is to get a good return on your marketing investment. A great marketing specialist will adjust content and tone to fit the purpose. You can’t use the same piece to market to a business that you would use to market directly to an individual customer. Too often, companies try to use an all-in-one marketing piece. This is the end, is costing more money in the long run because your not marketing wisely and your ROI is going to be lower. In effective marketing tactics backfire in ways you don’t immediately see. However, when you look at the bottom line, the truth is always revealed.

Marketing for B-to-B and B-to-C isn’t a complicated process if you know what you’re doing. While it takes time, in the end when you greatly increase your ROI, you’ll see why the process is so valuable.

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