Getting With the Program: How to Market a New Brand

At the beginning of your branding journey, just the thought of spreading the word about your brand-new-brand can be daunting. What’s the first move? When is the right time to start? What’s the best way to get this marketing thing going anyways? We at Mission partners understand how intimidating marketing a new brand can be, […]

Using Guerrilla Marketing for New Products

Guerrilla marketing is one of the most democratic and empowering forces in the business world. It allows for the triumph of the intellect over the pocketbook. Guerrilla marketing can be defined as marketing that goes outside normal channels, that does not prominently feature paid ads, press releases, mass e-mailings, etc. While some component of a […]

Stretch your money

Stretching Your Startup Marketing Budget

Spending some of your hard-won seed funding on marketing and advertising may be inevitable. And many startups are more blessed than others when it comes to capital at the onset. This post is for owners and managers of fledgling small businesses who have little in the way of the power to buy media or to […]

An Introduction

As a student fresh out of my junior year of college, I was very aware of the All-Important -Summer- After- Junior-Year- Internship. I didn’t want just any internship though, I was looking for an experience which would give me excellent experience in marketing and allow me to get hands on with the company projects. So, […]

Nonprofits and branding

Branding is clearly an important part of marketing, and from my past experience with nonprofit marketing, and from conversations with our president, I’ve learned a lot about how the necessity for nonprofits to have a great brand is actually greater than for the for- profits. Before we get into all of that, let’s start off […]

The Glenner Memory Care Centers – Our Featured Non-Profit for October

The Glenner Memory Care Centers are a San Diego based non-profit that has been serving families that are grappling with the harsh realities of memory loss for more than 30 years. Founded in 1982, Glenner Centers provide specialized adult day programs and extensive family resources – including weekly caregiver support groups – that attempt to […]

Crowdfunding: Startup Funding and Inherent Marketing

Crowdfunding – the act of raising funds from a large pool of individuals who give (normally) small amounts of money in exchange for the eventual delivery of a product or service – is the hot new buzzword flying around the Internet. Successful crowdfunding endeavors range everywhere from the Pebble Smartwatch – which raised more than […]

Vetstarter – Our Featured Non-Profit for September

“Providing a hand up, not a handout.”   Former Marines Mike Anderson and Jeff Rodriguez, and ardent supporter of military veterans Lionel Johnson, saw an ongoing need to give disabled veterans the tools to build better lives for themselves, both in the San Diego community as well as on a national basis. But such nonprofit […]

Is Your Idea the Next Craftsman Startup Business?

Since 2000 craftsman startup businesses have been making a mark on the economy. These are businesses which typically start in a home and expand into thriving international businesses. One example of a craftsman startup business which has taken off is Middleton Knives. Middleton Knives was founded by Quinton Middleton. Middleton took his love of knives […]

If You Have an Idea You May Have a Startup Business

What is the difference between those who have successful startup businesses and those who just sit around thinking about one? Action. If you have an idea, you may have the beginnings for a startup business. If your idea meets a need and you are willing to put the work into it, you will be a […]

Creative Ways to Find Funding for a Startup Business

In order to start your business you will need funding. This can be one of the most challenging parts of a startup business. The thought of approaching a bank, lender, or venture capitalist can be daunting to most people. But there you are with a great startup business idea and no or little money to […]

Self-Funding Ideas for Startup Businesses

You’ve got a great idea for a startup business. Now the next step is to find the funding to get the ball rolling. The first idea many people have is to start with a bank. This is an option, but you may have the assets you need to self-fund your startup business and not even […]

Tender Loving Canines – Our Featured Non-Profit for August

Since 1998, Tender Loving Canines has served the San Diego area, training Service Dogs for individuals with disabilities. TLCAD currently trains and places Service Dogs individuals with autism and Wounded Warriors (veterans and active duty service members suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and/ or mobility-limitations). This is a big job for a […]

Should Your Startup Business be a Microbusiness?

Unemployment is stuck at 8 percent in many areas of the country. People are facing lay-offs and trying to find ways to compete in today’s job market. One way to do this is to create your own startup business. You may think a startup business is out of your reach. Don’t be fooled into thinking […]

The Importance of Branding for Startup Businesses

Your startup business needs a trademark. Trademarks are names or symbols for specific products or companies and add value to your business. Many startup businesses underestimate the value of a brand. If you have a product or a service, it is best to think up a trade name for it early so that you can […]

Starting a Business and the Legal Structure of the Company

Starting a business not only involves setting up your business, creating a business plan, and finding funding. It also requires you to consider what type of company you will have. There are many choices available to start up business owners. You can be a sole proprietorship when starting a business or choose to incorporate. While […]

Why Branding Your Business is Important

You have probably heard how important branding is for your business, but thought it was only an issue for large businesses. Branding your business is important for all businesses no matter what the size. It is an important part of your business plan and marketing plan. Branding your business helps people recognize your business, keeps […]

Tips to Start a Business in Today’s Economy

Owning a business is a common dream among many people. But in today’s economy you may be hesitant to start a business. One of the secrets to success is meeting a need. Supply people with what they need, or convince them they need what you’re providing, and your business will be a success. Here are […]

VentureTown USA – Our Featured Non-Profit for July

Welcome to VentureTown, USA! Now, before you start searching for that on a map, we’ve got a confession—it’s not a real town. In fact, it’s a documentary film that we’re excited to bring to viewers across the country, taking you behind-the-scenes to discover the true essence of entrepreneurship and leadership! These days, the current business […]