New Market

Building A Market For Your Startup

Does a great product sell itself? If not, is there a reliable secret to driving customers into your new business? It’s just about 2015: has someone developed a new tool, maybe a social whozits or a mobile whatnot to market your business? Well, it’s probably a bit of a negative on all of these. However, […]

Speak Out

Speak Out As an Early-Stage Company Owner

You’re probably familiar with content marketing: providing useful information to an audience as a way of fostering good will and establishing expertise. It’s a good technique for all businesses, even for early-stage companies. But it needn’t be limited to web content, designed to pull in a net full of google searches. You can—and should—turn yourself, […]



I’ve been thinking a lot about perception recently. One of the more profound things that an executive coach said to me one time was this: “Have you ever sat there talking to someone and explaining your side of a position until you’re blue in the face and you think to yourself ‘God, this guy just […]


Nonprofit Highlight: Ability beyond Sight

Ability beyond Sight is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization providing volunteers who, since 2011, have collaborated to improve occupational training and career advancement for young blind adults in the health and wellness field as licensed massage therapists. Since the organization launched its first massage studio, (donated by Paul Kapal, owner of Outshine Salon & […]


Developing Sustainability in Your Nonprofit Organization

In these tough times, many non-profits are struggling. Even in the best of times, if you’re not holding sustainability as a key goal, you’re probably miscalculating. There’s nothing easy or fun abut fighting for sustainability, but without question, there are very real steps you can take, and there’s a method to it. Here are some […]


Differentiation for Startups

Whenever my first sales professor was asked how to handle the competitors, he would tell the class to acknowledge that they exist, but say nothing more about them and move on. But wait, I would think, isn’t differentiating yourself among competitors in your market an important part of getting ahead? The answer is complicated. My […]

Mission Partners Poised for Growth in San Diego Business Community

Mission Partners, a marketing and public relations consulting firm working with non-profit, startup, early stage and mid-market companies, has announced the addition of Dara Feldman as Consultant. In this new role, Ms. Feldman will help lead the company’s strategic expansion initiatives to increase its role in the San Diego market. Ms. Feldman, who comes to […]

Three Legged Race

Marketing and Fundraising for Nonprofits

Books, seminars, and online guides for non-profits always emphasize the importance of marketing. For some non-profits, marketing can seem a bit crass or at least outside their comfort zone. For others, particularly those with dedicated marketing staff, it can be only too much fun. These latter non-profits may delight in making tweets, designing t-shirts, and […]


The Way You Make Me Feel

So it’s my birthday today and it just so happens to be the day that I had a reminder pop up to jot down some thoughts on my own experiences in marketing and today I thought I’d talk a bit about client retention. You see the best way to hold on to your clients and […]


Startup Spotlight: SmartGenies

Company Name: SmartGenies, Inc. In your own words, tell us a little about your startup: Inspired by video games and real-life human interaction, SmartGenies is a web and mobile app that offers a unique interactive and dynamic way to share any type of information. It’s a new and exciting way to transform any topic, even […]


Crowdfunding 101

We now live in a time where anyone’s vision (Whether it be pocket drones or a potato salad fundraiser) can be made into a reality, often times through the magic of crowdfunding. What a wonderful thing! I recently went to an event to listen to a panel of some of the most successful Kickstarter campaign […]


Launching a Professional Services Business

Whether you’re an accountant, an IT specialist, an attorney, or any other specialist providing professional services, if you’re starting your own business, marketing is key.  Recent economic conditions have sent more and more talented professionals into the professional services sector, all trying to make a living selling their abilities.  Standing out and getting a jump […]

New No-Skim Fundraising Platform

As I was perusing Facebook today, I came across a Forbes article that interested me given the work I do with nonprofits and fundraising. I’ve come across plenty of fundraising platforms and management platforms as I’ve worked with these organizations and I think that this company Commit Change certainly has some interesting promise. Check out […]

Getting With the Program: How to Market a New Brand

At the beginning of your branding journey, just the thought of spreading the word about your brand-new-brand can be daunting. What’s the first move? When is the right time to start? What’s the best way to get this marketing thing going anyways? We at Mission partners understand how intimidating marketing a new brand can be, […]

Using Guerrilla Marketing for New Products

Guerrilla marketing is one of the most democratic and empowering forces in the business world. It allows for the triumph of the intellect over the pocketbook. Guerrilla marketing can be defined as marketing that goes outside normal channels, that does not prominently feature paid ads, press releases, mass e-mailings, etc. While some component of a […]

Stretch your money

Stretching Your Startup Marketing Budget

Spending some of your hard-won seed funding on marketing and advertising may be inevitable. And many startups are more blessed than others when it comes to capital at the onset. This post is for owners and managers of fledgling small businesses who have little in the way of the power to buy media or to […]

An Introduction

As a student fresh out of my junior year of college, I was very aware of the All-Important -Summer- After- Junior-Year- Internship. I didn’t want just any internship though, I was looking for an experience which would give me excellent experience in marketing and allow me to get hands on with the company projects. So, […]

Nonprofits and branding

Branding is clearly an important part of marketing, and from my past experience with nonprofit marketing, and from conversations with our president, I’ve learned a lot about how the necessity for nonprofits to have a great brand is actually greater than for the for- profits. Before we get into all of that, let’s start off […]

The Glenner Memory Care Centers – Our Featured Non-Profit for October

The Glenner Memory Care Centers are a San Diego based non-profit that has been serving families that are grappling with the harsh realities of memory loss for more than 30 years. Founded in 1982, Glenner Centers provide specialized adult day programs and extensive family resources – including weekly caregiver support groups – that attempt to […]