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Google Ad Grants Can Be a Useful Strategy for Nonprofits

These days, nonprofits of all types face increasing challenges to support their mission. Despite the many creative fundraising methods they employ, many, if not most are hard-pressed to find additional and cost-effective ways to attract volunteers, elicit donations and create impactful exposure for their cause. It continues to be a struggle as most are stretched thin […]


Startup Spotlight – Seraphim, Inc

Company Name: Seraphim Inc. In your own words, tell us a little about your startup: We are creating the next generation of consumer drones. Our product, the Seraph, is a camera drone for autonomously filming athletes doing amazing things. As you’re snowboarding, surfing or mountain biking, you have our drone over your shoulder, getting better […]

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Taking Your Startup to the Next Level

If your business has survived to make it to the important 5-year point, that’s very good news.  Your company must be doing something right if the market is still interested in what you offer.  It also means your startup has the real possibility to create viable growth.  There may still be some risks, but also […]

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Planning a Marketing Strategy for Your Startup

There have been volumes written about marketing strategy for early stage startups. But with all the advice and information at your fingertips, even the best tactical approach and execution can still fail and often does.  Reasons for this can vary.  Sometimes you may have the wrong tactic for the market or the messaging and call […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Chances to Secure Startup Funding

Raising capital for your startup, whether it’s the first or fifth time, is not an easy task. And while there are a number or reasons that contribute to most startups failing, understanding and becoming more proficient in various nuances of fundraising will continue to be one area of most importance for the majority of entrepreneurs. […]

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First Is Not Always Best

Recently I’ve been listening to some audiobooks on startups and startup growth. I find that it’s helpful to, from time to time, brush up on what some of the real thought leaders in the startup world are thinking for a couple reasons: 1. It pulls me out of my own space and forces me to look […]

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Nonprofit Highlight: Young Audiences of San Diego

Organization Name: Young Audiences of San Diego In your own words, tell us a little about your organization: Young Audiences is a mission driven organization who believes that an arts education is critical to developing imaginative, adaptable and productive adults, resulting in stronger community citizenship and a more capable future workforce. Young Audiences meets this […]


Marketing Planning for Startups

Marketing will make or break your startup. There’s no middle ground here. If no one knows who you are, no one will buy your products. In a digital age where marketing falls more and more into the hands of business owners instead of advertising agencies, how should startups spend their marketing money? First, make sure […]

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Stretching Your Marketing Dollars

Though the economy seems to be slowly getting back on track, stretching budgets is still top-of-mind for many businesses. Startups face particular problems because they have to spend more marketing money getting their name and brand recognized. So since marketing is essential in this digital age, how can you make sure every dollar spent on […]

Finding Corporate Sponsors for Your Nonprofit

Corporate sponsorship is a mutually beneficial engagement for companies and nonprofits, but they can seem like the great white whale of fundraising: impossible to haul in, but desirable in every way. The first step to pursuing a corporate sponsorship is determining if your nonprofit is even ready for one. If you lack a clearly defined […]

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Nonprofit Highlight: Employment & Community Options

Organization Name: Employment & Community Options In your own words, tell us a little about your organization: Employment & Community Options is a non-profit organization that educates and empowers low-income adults with intellectual disabilities with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their personal goals and optimum potential in life. We assist adults with intellectual […]


You’ve Made It Through the First Two Years, Now What?

One-third of all new businesses will shut their doors after the first two years. This number is as high as 80 percent in some sectors. This can be the result of poor planning, lack of loose cash or a poor business model. But if you’re an entrepreneur and your business has met the two-year mark, […]

New Market

Building A Market For Your Startup

Does a great product sell itself? If not, is there a reliable secret to driving customers into your new business? It’s just about 2015: has someone developed a new tool, maybe a social whozits or a mobile whatnot to market your business? Well, it’s probably a bit of a negative on all of these. However, […]

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Speak Out As an Early-Stage Company Owner

You’re probably familiar with content marketing: providing useful information to an audience as a way of fostering good will and establishing expertise. It’s a good technique for all businesses, even for early-stage companies. But it needn’t be limited to web content, designed to pull in a net full of google searches. You can—and should—turn yourself, […]



I’ve been thinking a lot about perception recently. One of the more profound things that an executive coach said to me one time was this: “Have you ever sat there talking to someone and explaining your side of a position until you’re blue in the face and you think to yourself ‘God, this guy just […]


Nonprofit Highlight: Ability beyond Sight

Ability beyond Sight is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization providing volunteers who, since 2011, have collaborated to improve occupational training and career advancement for young blind adults in the health and wellness field as licensed massage therapists. Since the organization launched its first massage studio, (donated by Paul Kapal, owner of Outshine Salon & […]


Developing Sustainability in Your Nonprofit Organization

In these tough times, many non-profits are struggling. Even in the best of times, if you’re not holding sustainability as a key goal, you’re probably miscalculating. There’s nothing easy or fun abut fighting for sustainability, but without question, there are very real steps you can take, and there’s a method to it. Here are some […]


Differentiation for Startups

Whenever my first sales professor was asked how to handle the competitors, he would tell the class to acknowledge that they exist, but say nothing more about them and move on. But wait, I would think, isn’t differentiating yourself among competitors in your market an important part of getting ahead? The answer is complicated. My […]

Mission Partners Poised for Growth in San Diego Business Community

Mission Partners, a marketing and public relations consulting firm working with non-profit, startup, early stage and mid-market companies, has announced the addition of Dara Feldman as Consultant. In this new role, Ms. Feldman will help lead the company’s strategic expansion initiatives to increase its role in the San Diego market. Ms. Feldman, who comes to […]