Engage Your Employees

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Captivate Your Employees

Motivating people is the most important function of any leader in any company, organization or institution. But too often, many fail to realize just how important a role it is. Although it can help, you don’t need to be charismatic to have the ability to inspire. Following a few simple rules can do the trick […]

Startup Growth with Angel Investors

Where to Find Angel Investors for Your Startup

It’s the angel investors and not the venture capitalists that are likely to get your startup off and running to proving your concept. They really can be found in the following four categories: Family and friends Although there are pros and cons, this group is typically the easiest to access since you already know them […]


Mistakes to Avoid Entering the Growth Phase

It’s no secret that most startups fail and the numbers certainly bear that out. According to the U.S. Department of Labor just about half of the companies that begin are lucky to be around five years later. But the difficulties don’t end there. Ten years after a company is founded, less than a third will […]

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Essentials for Startup Growth

With so many companies and so much competition, having a rock solid marketing strategy in place is critical. If you don’t, you can’t expect to get any new customers and you certainly won’t get anywhere fast – because no one will know who you are! So, if you haven’t already, then it’s really important to […]

Growth strategy sign

3 Ways Your Marketing Can Surpass Big Budget Competitors

Many smaller businesses have the ability these days to maneuver below the radar in ways that larger companies can’t. And while their advertising firms or in-house marketing departments may be restricted in the sheer scale of marketing initiatives given the smaller budgets and limited brand recognition – they can certainly make up for those challenges […]

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit Spotlight: Sunshine Ranch Therapeutic Riding

Organization Name: Sunshine Ranch Therapeutic Riding, Inc. In your own words, tell us a little about your organization: Our mission statement is “To provide accessible, high-quality instruction in therapeutic horsemanship to improve the physical, mental, and social abilities of children and adults with special needs.” Sunshine Ranch Therapeutic Riding is a non-profit organization which provides […]


How Emotion Drives Customer Action

Believe it or not, startup marketing isn’t always about quantitative metrics and growth hacking. It’s about making a connection with your customer and driving their actions through emotion. We’re all can identify with stories that connect us to people and ideas as well as places and products.  These stories help justify the money we spend […]


Startup Spotlight: Neqtr

In your own words, tell us a little about your startup: Neqtr is a philanthropic based dating app that helps people fall in love while saving the world. We do this by connecting people through causes & interests and help them meet at low pressure planned dates that are volunteer opportunities & charity events in […]

Executive-Compensation-check 1024x468

Setting Executive Compensation

It can be a challenge setting executive salaries in most organizations but it can be especially difficult at a nonprofit where you want to attract top talent while avoiding criticism. Nonprofits need to offer solid compensation plans in order to attract and keep talented people. There’s a fine line as even the IRS can step […]