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Speak Out As an Early-Stage Company Owner

You’re probably familiar with content marketing: providing useful information to an audience as a way of fostering good will and establishing expertise. It’s a good technique for all businesses, even for early-stage companies. But it needn’t be limited to web content, designed to pull in a net full of google searches. You can—and should—turn yourself, […]

Why Branding Your Business is Important

You have probably heard how important branding is for your business, but thought it was only an issue for large businesses. Branding your business is important for all businesses no matter what the size. It is an important part of your business plan and marketing plan. Branding your business helps people recognize your business, keeps […]

10 Tips to Market Your Brand in 2013

The New Year has come and gone. We all survived the Mayan apocalypse, and now it is time to really hunker down and get to the business of making money. While you should have a plan for 2013 already in motion, it is always good to consider some new ideas and review some old ones. […]

A Brand Marketing Lesson from Red Bull

Red Bull has a reputation of being an exciting and youthful brand. On October 14th Felix Baumgartner made history by rising into the stratosphere and jumping out of the Red Bull Stratos balloon, a 55 story ultra-thin helium balloon. Baumgartner’s 830 mile an hour descent was witnessed by over 8 million people worldwide on the […]

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Why Creating a Brand is Important

So you’ve decided to start a company. You developed a well thought out business plan. Everything is in order. Well, almost! There is one area that you seem to have overlooked – your business image. Your brand; your concept is what the world will think of when they see you. So what it says about […]

Why Build Your Brand?

Building your brand has never been more important than now. The economy has taken a slump and now businesses are in pass or fail mode. Your “brand” is the name for your products and services. Your brand is the heart and soul of what you do. It is your representation to the world of who […]