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Focus Your Messaging

This morning I read an article in AdAge about the new MillerCoors CMO discussing MillerCoors’ marketing initiatives over recent years and his plans for moving forward. In the article, he mentioned that the company’s marketing initiatives had been too scattered over the past several years. The comment got me thinking a bit about the way […]

What Nonprofits Can Learn from Startups

And What Startups Should Learn from Each Other Last week we posted an article discussing a few things that startups can learn from nonprofits, discussing specific tactics nonprofits employ that could be helpful in marketing and client retention for startups. Similarly, there’s a lot that nonprofits can learn from startups as well. Here are a […]

What Startups Can Learn from Nonprofits

Working in both the start up and the nonprofit worlds, you get to see a lot from both sides of the fence. What I’ve come to learn is that despite their obvious differences, these two industries have a lot more in common: they’re both run by people passionate about solving the problem that they’re addressing, […]

How to Create a Tag Line That Lands

Tag lines can be incredibly helpful to your business. They give you the opportunity to sum up what makes your organization different in one simple turn phrase. We all know the Energizer battery, right? I don’t know that I’ll ever forget that bunny thumping its base drum through fields, mountains, cities, basketball games and all […]

Big Business Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

Most small businesses start with the idea of someday growing into a big business. Not all, I grant you – I know plenty of business owners who are perfectly happy building a lifestyle business without the need to scale and grow into a big company but most people who start businesses or other organizations have […]

The Marketing Impact of Social Media

There’s no denying it at this point – social media sites aren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. As much as people talk about the declining trend of Facebook or the assumption that “my market doesn’t use social media”, there’s plenty of information out there to strongly suggest otherwise. I always like to take statistics […]

Retaining Top Talent

Non profit organizations and startup companies have one very similar, and very big, challenge in common: they have a difficult time retaining their top talent. Because of their size – both in terms of personnel and bank accounts – they have a hard time offering the resources that larger, more mature companies can offer. But […]

Building a Team

Building the Right Team

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s no ‘I’ in team”. This is never more true than when you’re starting to build and grow an business. Be it for profit or not for profit, your team is everything. Having started a number of organizations myself, I’ve done some research into the statistics of founding teams and […]

Accountability in Growth

Congratulations! You’ve set your goals for this year (or quarter or month…maybe your week, who knows). They’re all SMART goals and you know who’s going to be responsible for seeing them all accomplished, right? Great! It’s time for growth. But wait…something came up that pulled your focus away from those goals – only for a […]

The 5 Stages of Business Growth

All businesses experience cycles and stages of everything from success to frustration at some point or another. In their Harvard Business Review whitepaper, Neil C. Churchill and Virginia L Lewis state the 5 Stages of Small Business Growth as; Existence, Survival, Success, Take Off (Growth), and Resource Maturity. 1. Existence Existence is the hardest stage […]