Startup Marketing

Differentiation for Startups

Whenever my first sales professor was asked how to handle the competitors, he would tell the class to acknowledge that they exist, but say nothing more about them and move on. But wait, I would think, isn’t differentiating yourself among competitors in your market an important part of getting ahead? The answer is complicated. My […]

Funding a Startup Company

Crowdfunding 101

We now live in a time where anyone’s vision (Whether it be pocket drones or a potato salad fundraiser) can be made into a reality, often times through the magic of crowdfunding. What a wonderful thing! I recently went to an event to listen to a panel of some of the most successful Kickstarter campaign […]

Getting With the Program: How to Market a New Brand

At the beginning of your branding journey, just the thought of spreading the word about your brand-new-brand can be daunting. What’s the first move? When is the right time to start? What’s the best way to get this marketing thing going anyways? We at Mission partners understand how intimidating marketing a new brand can be, […]

Communicating with investors in mind: choosing the right strategy for your company

Whether your company needs lots of money in R&D, or can get by (in its early stages anyways) on sweat equity, you’ll have to deal with investors eventually. Although my personal experience with managing investor relationships may be lacking, us at Mission Partners understand and value the importance of investor communication because well, startups wouldn’t […]

An Introduction

As a student fresh out of my junior year of college, I was very aware of the All-Important -Summer- After- Junior-Year- Internship. I didn’t want just any internship though, I was looking for an experience which would give me excellent experience in marketing and allow me to get hands on with the company projects. So, […]