How Long Can You “Hang In There”?

One afternoon a couple friends and I decided to go rock climbing. While a couple of my buddies were setting up the ropes, my buddy Tom and I decided to do some bouldering around the trail and found a couple great routes – one that lead up the corner of a couple boulders deep in […]

The Consultant’s Dilemma

This morning I was on a conference call with a client who was talking with his team about a pretty familiar situation known as The Consultant’s Dilemma. I started thinking a bit about it afterward because it’s such a common situation that can cause some serious problems with the development of consulting businesses. For those […]

Writing Good Content

What to Do With the Blank Page

One of the questions that I get asked a lot when talking to people about marketing, specifically as it relates to content: What should I write about? The sight of a blank page can be incredibly daunting and often times cause enough anxiety to just give up on it. This is fine if you have […]

How to Start a Social Media Campaign

There’s no question about it at this point – social media’s not going anywhere. With the power of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, it seems like there’s so much potential for businesses to take advantage of them but, at the end of the day, most people simply don’t know where to get started. And […]

How to Set Up Your First Email Campaign

It’s time to get back down to basics. More often than not, we tend to discuss higher level strategies and concepts in a fairly broad sense. Recently I’ve been asked for insight on the “how-tos” of some of these marketing strategies. How do I set up my social media campaign? Where do I start with […]

Help Us Choose Our Next Blog Series

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll have seen our tendency to focus on various aspects of a single topic in a series of weekly blog articles. We just finished a series on content marketing and in the past have done the same type of series on growth, communication and a couple other topics. […]

Content Marketing Key Performance Indicators

Developing KPIs for Your Content Marketing Plan

At this point we’ve been discussing content marketing for a while now and I hope you’ve gotten some good insight into how to develop a content marketing team and build and execute on your strategy. The last post in this series on content marketing will focus on your KPIs. Last week, we discussed the importance […]

Tracking Success of Content Marketing Efforts

Recently I was discussing content marketing with a couple friends of mine who own startups. During the conversation, we got into a pretty familiar conversation. At one point, they both started to focus on all of the money that was wasted on marketing while seeing no measurable results. This is a pretty common conversation that […]

Content Promotion

Content Promotion Learning Curve

Content marketing can be a terrific way to expand your online presence but, as mentioned in our last article, your content distribution strategy is the key to making sure that this strategy bears any fruit. Last time we discussed the three different buckets of content distribution; this time we’re going to focus on the “paid” […]

Content Distribution Is Your Missing Link

Your Content Delivery Could Be The Missing Link In Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve got great content. You spent plenty of time and money writing blog articles, creating infographics, recording videos. Your creative team was relevant, witty and profound and you’re impatiently awaiting the explosion of business opportunities that are bound to be generated from it. So you send it out to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all of […]