Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an integral part of any business’s marketing plan, but if you aren’t careful you can get carried away and overwhelm your fans/followers; or you might not do enough and slip from their minds or ruin your social media reputation. Some people might just post and post and never even think about interaction. But, social media is all about interaction; that is the main reason social media is around. Social media is about interaction and building relationships. When you build relationships, you are creating opportunities to share and sell your products. Your reputation on social media networks is very important in building those relationships. Here are some tips about keeping your social media reputation up.


Tip #1: Don’t be a snob; it is not all about you. Social media marketing is about being social, so be social and don’t be afraid to learn from others. You have to interact with people; you can’t just try and sell to them. It is equally as important to try to get know others.


Tip #2: Inconsistency can ruin you fast. You have to be consistent; you can’t just post nothing for a month then do five days in a row, and then back to nothing.  You have to be consistent, but don’t overwhelm them. Jamming up a follower’s newsfeed will make them block you in a hurry.


Tip #3: Spamming is still bad, even on social media. All the rules about permission still apply; if they didn’t request it, don’t send it.


Tip #4: If you want followers, you too have to follow others. You can’t expect people to find you and follow you. Get out there and promote your self and follow other people.


Social media marketing can, and does, work well. But in order to see those top rate results, you have to take certain steps and avoid actions that can mean certain social media death.

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