Company Blogs: An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

If you aren’t blogging, you should be. It is a great way to increase your company’s digital presence and it can help to make you more visible on web searches. Blogs can be a way that potential customers can read valuable information that pertains to your product/service niche and can see you solve problems and share resources.  If you tune your blog to function at peak form, you can help to turn blog readers into customers.

Here are some insights and steps you can take to make your blog content and company more visible, attract the right audience and help convert your traffic.

  1. Consider your blog an extension of your website. A visitor to your blog may be the first interaction a visitor has with your company so it is important to keep your blog and website intertwined. Consider keeping it visually similar in regards to navigation and design. It is also a good idea keep your blog’s web address as a subdomain of your main page (
  2. Solve and share; but don’t get selfish. Your blog is a marketing tool, so keep the focus on customers. An occasional press release or business-jargon laden post is ok, but try to keep your blog mostly about solving customer problems or frequent questions and sharing valuable information and commentary.
  3. Be there, or be square. Maintaining a successful blog has a lot to do with consistency. You don’t have to blog everyday, but keep your presence known with frequent updates.
  4. TL;DR (too long; didn’t read). TL; DR is a trendy abbreviation that young people use to let the author of whatever they are reading know that the post was too long to keep their attention and invest their time; so the didn’t read it. Blog posts should be short and sweet. As interesting as the topic may be, people don’t want a novel. Frame your post with declarative sentences and break up long paragraphs.
  5. Headlines. These are obviously important, as they are what draws the reader in, and gives them an idea of what to expect. They are also a good place to add some keywords for SEO.

Your blog is an opportunity; don’t forget that. Take every opportunity you have to connect to your client/customer base and use it. Blogs need to be a part of business; so integrate with other aspects of your marketing like your email marketing messages, print materials and packaging materials. Blogging can really be a lead generating machine, but you have to promote and participate in it.

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