Content is King When Marketing to the Masses

When it comes to marketing, most new organizations consistently do a poor job of getting their message out to the masses. And, if they have success it can usually be attributed to the terrific technology, the timing or in some ways, excellent word-of-mouth that develops – but not the marketing. It’s the reason why many recommend that early stage organizations bypass traditional marketing entirely and instead focus their efforts on content marketing.

In the early phase of any organization the two big priorities are to sustain operations long enough to reach a break-through in the market and then being able to handle the subsequent growth. The best way to do both is with content marketing.

While traditional marketing efforts are expensive and don’t scale all that well, content marketing initiatives can be designed and carried out on most any budget. But it’s not just about cost savings but more about benefits and efficiencies. Content marketing can spur growth and scales easily as things begin moving forward.

While more common advertising initiatives are geared toward convincing people right away and even those on the fence, concerted and comprehensive content which appeals to innovators and adventurous consumers can really help move the needle and potentially push a an early stage organization toward long-term growth.

Moreover, unlike traditional forms of advertising that are just one-off propositions, content marketing and building out a solid online community and following has legs and can bring people into the mix and allow you to influence and promote in ways that traditional advertising never could.

Content marketing works for all companies especially those on the verge of a real break-through with tremendous growth. For the most part, particularly those that fail, look at marketing as a means to an end and not an end in itself. Spending an enormous amount of money to pay for an ad on television is not always the best strategy as more times than not, success is fleeting. Once the ad airs it becomes a faded memory. Utilizing content strategies, great marketing is the end game and will enable you to tap into and incorporate a lot of good will central to the success of your organization.

As success builds, smart companies increase content initiatives with insights culled from the use of products and services they offer and turning that into significant content. Strategies also include lobbying industry insiders for the credibility and recognition it will bring them if included on their blog.

More new organizations are coming around and realizing how valuable content can be to growth but also to their identity and to a certain extent the value it adds to the organization altogether. Without exception, money earmarked for developing and distributing content is well-spent because it can help spread the word about products and services you offer more cost-effectively. But it can also provide valuable recognition and distinguish your brand as a leading digital marketer.

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