Finding Corporate Sponsors for Your Nonprofit

Corporate sponsorship is a mutually beneficial engagement for companies and nonprofits, but they can seem like the great white whale of fundraising: impossible to haul in, but desirable in every way.

The first step to pursuing a corporate sponsorship is determining if your nonprofit is even ready for one. If you lack a clearly defined brand message or a donor base, landing a whale is more difficult because the corporation is less likely to see a benefit in the form of publicity.

To get started, you can offer volunteer hours at your nonprofit’s main office. Many businesses offer incentives for their employees to complete volunteer hours in the community. If your nonprofit is something that could use a hand, try reaching out to these companies. It gives employees a bonding experience and the company gains positive publicity.

And be sure to take plenty of pictures and video and offer it to the company. You can place the videos on your social media, and passing them along to the company means a potential doubling of views and publicity.

Corporate sponsors can also be offered the opportunity to sponsor a specific event you’re throwing. That sponsorship could include their logo on event merchandise, a table with information about the company or products in an auction.

Finally, make sure you offer a value for your services. While some corporations will be willing to donate small amounts of money, a full sponsorship will need to benefit them in some way. Create a clear idea of how levels of commitment will benefit both your nonprofit and the corporation.

Be aware that corporate sponsorship can have tax implications in some states. Be sure to review any potential tax burden before advancing with corporate sponsorship.

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