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At times, it can feel like most social interactions—especially among today’s youth—are overwhelmingly negative. Even as technology advances and digital communities expand online, bullies discover new ways to shame and terrorize their victims—and the consequences can be devastating. Teen suicides…depression…anxiety…addiction…all these and more are symptoms of a pervasive culture of hate and negativity that can ruin lives before they have a true chance to thrive.


But even as bullying runs rampant, one nonprofit organization refuses to accept this poisonous social dynamic as the status quo.


Discover the global revolution that is FREE2LUV, an award-winning nonprofit that is committed to the ideal that LUV is stronger than hate, and tirelessly works to communicate this core belief through the power of arts and entertainment! United under the banner of “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully,” FREE2LUV is sweeping across the country and the world with the positive and empowering message that no one has to fight alone for their individuality and sense of worth.


Founded in 2011, FREE2LUV focuses on educating and empowering 12-23 year olds and their families, no matter their personalities, backgrounds, or life choices. In just a few years, they’ve already reached over 50 million people through a growing variety of social media campaigns, school programs, community involvement, and the efforts of over 25 celebrity ambassadors. This rapid expansion of its outreach and support base shows just how hungry teens and their families are for the movement FREE2LUV has started.


Currently, FREE2LUV is preparing to launch an incredible 20-city concert tour to help keep their message going strong. This tour will involve special musical performances and inspirational stories that inspire youth to positively engage their communities while celebrating their unique worth. Their goal? Nothing short of reaching over 200,000 new youth a year—and you can get involved in this life-affirming effort!


FREE2LUV not only welcomes donor support, but is also eager to connect with sponsor partners as well as fundraising experts willing to lend their unique skills to the nonprofit’s incredible growth. This is an opportunity for unprecedented healing and change in the next generation. Alongside financial or fundraising support, you can also help spread the word about FREE2LUV across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest, as well as their online store. Or take the FREE2LUV Pledge!


However you choose to get involve, know that you’ll be directly contributing to a cause that will impact countless teens and their families, laying the foundation for world-changing growth, hope, and LUV.

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