Help Us Choose Our Next Blog Series

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll have seen our tendency to focus on various aspects of a single topic in a series of weekly blog articles. We just finished a series on content marketing and in the past have done the same type of series on growth, communication and a couple other topics.

Well now we’re looking for your help. It’s time to start another series and I’m curious to know what kind of topics we should focus on next. Recently I’ve been asked to discuss topics ranging from website design to paid search to seo to social media and the list goes on and on. So instead of making the decision on what I think you’d like to read about, I thought I’d try and ask for your input.

In the comments below, tell me what kind of marketing topics you’d like to learn about. I’ll take a look at any responses that come in at the end of this week and choose one to start with and write it up for next week’s newsletter.

Looking forward to seeing if this experiment works!

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