How Location Targeting Can Increase Your Business

Location-TargetingYou have a business, and you have a website. That is a good start. Now you need to concentrate your marketing efforts on the local areas you serve. The internet contains millions, if not billions, of websites all competing for your potential customer’s attention. Don’t get lost in the crowd; learn how to use your local location (or locations) to your benefit. Google places a large amount of weight on location through Google Places. You can use this to your advantage by identifying the locations you want to serve, and then you can incorporate these locations into your website, blogs, social media, and email marketing. Once you identify the location you want to target, you’re ready to get started.

Location and Your Website

Chances are you serve more than one geographic area. If so you will need a landing page for each area you serve. For example if you are a plumber and serve the greater Tampa area, your main landing page should have headers and content specifying the Tampa area. Next you will need subpages for each area in Tampa you want to serve such as Town and Country, New Tampa, Temple Terrace, and so on. Do this by including the location in the webpage address if possible. Specific headers on pages will also help to target locations. Include location names on the content of your pages. Make sure you rewrite content for each location page so that Google doesn’t flag your pages as duplicates. Well placed keywords and places will help to increase your website rank on Google and other search engines.

You can also place a Google map on your page. Google has a free tool to use to place a map on your website. Your listing on Google search will include a description of your website, and a map will appear when the searcher holds their mouse over your listing. This way customers will know exactly where you are, what you offer, and what time you are open. The form Google has you fill out will include all of this information. The more information you include, the more information Google will give to your potential customers.

Keywords and Location

The Keyword Tool of Adwords is an invaluable resource. You can use it to search for relevant keywords and find out how often they are searched on a global and local scale. You can also create keyword phrases and research their effectiveness. By including your locations into your keywords you can also increase your rank on Google searches. Our plumber in Tampa may use keyword phrases such as drain snaking in Lutz. This will target customers who need this service in a specific area. On each page for each location use keyword phrases which include the location. Be careful not to use the phrases or keywords too many times or your page may be flagged as spam.

Location Targeting and Your Business

Today it is not enough to have an attractive website which is easy to use. Today you also need to target your specific service locations. Just like in real estate, location really is everything. Use it to get your website in front of the right people; people who will take advantage of your goods and service. This will grow your business and increase your profits.

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