How to Use a Blog to Create a Powerful Brand

blog2-1Blogging has been around for quite a while. It has grown from a place for people to vent their ideas and concerns to a powerful marketing platform for businesses. If you have a business you need a blog, it is that simple. A blog can create a connection and a community like no other tool in brand marketing efforts. A blog can also set you up to be the go-to expert in your field. It is a chance for you to share your knowledge, give tips, and talk about your business. A blog also gives readers a chance to comment and interact with you, building a relationship which is an all important part of today’s brand marketing strategy.

One of the other important reasons you need a blog is you will be able to form public opinion of your company. For example while there are millions of Twitter users, only a small .05% created 50% of the trending Tweets. These users set the tone for the conversations on Twitter. The same is true of your blog. You can control the conversation and lead it to benefit your business. Blogs have become more powerful than print in some instances. A blog lives forever on the internet, where print media is typically thrown out once it is read. One example is Mashable. This completely online publication is the go-to source for the tech world without a print venue. Content is now judged by quality. If you produce high quality content, your blog will draw readers.

The amount of blogs on the internet has skyrocketed in the past five years. In 2006 there were only 36 million, in 2011 this number had grown to over 180 million. While you may think your blog will get lost in the shuffle, if you have high quality useful content, smart SEO, and a quality website to connect to, your blog will get found. Here are some tips to help your blog get readers and get found:

  • Location is important. Include the locations you serve in the top few paragraphs. This will help Google present your blog to the right audience. Don’t overdo it; just let your content flow naturally.
  • Keywords are also important, but once again be careful. Stuffing your blog full of keywords will get it flagged as spam. Keep keywords to a maximum of five percent or less.
  • Link to your website and to sites of relevance. Be sure to always include a link to your website. Try to make the link flow with the prose. Also links to relevant websites increases your Google ranking. Be careful though not to link to competitors.
  • Images create interest. Depending on the blog platform you use, you can also link to your site, a relevant site, and set tags for your images.
  • Be interesting. Be controversial, and most of all be topical. You can go to Google and set alerts for any topic you like. These will help you stay on top of any trends and know what is happening in the blogosphere.

A blog is a vital tool for all businesses. It not only helps set your brand in front of your readers, but it keeps you on their mind. As you build a community of readers, this will expand as people share your blog on the Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Don’t just hock your products or services, but offer well written content people can actually use. By devoting a bit of time to your blogs, you will reap more brand awareness and marketing results.

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