Is Your Idea the Next Craftsman Startup Business?

startup_ideaSince 2000 craftsman startup businesses have been making a mark on the economy. These are businesses which typically start in a home and expand into thriving international businesses. One example of a craftsman startup business which has taken off is Middleton Knives. Middleton Knives was founded by Quinton Middleton. Middleton took his love of knives two years ago and has built a thriving startup business. He started in a workshop in his backyard and plans to soon expand into a factory to produce his high quality culinary knives.

This is a good example of taking something you have a passion for and turning it into a successful startup business. Not only did he have a passion for knife making, he also sought out training from the American Bladesmith Society. Currently he has completed the apprenticeship level and plans on completing journeyman smith and master smith. His mentor, Jason Knight, is one of 180 master smiths in the world.

Another factor which has made Middleton Knives such a success is Middleton’s knowledge and talent for marketing. When you have a small startup business marketing can be one of the deciding factors on whether or not it is a success or failure. Early in his business he sought out professional chefs to test out his knives. He used their feedback to develop a high quality professional culinary line of knives.  Middleton also used Facebook to reach professional chefs and spread the word about his knives. Through the use of social networking he was able to reach several hundred professionals, and many of the soon became loyal customers.

The real secret to Middleton’s success is the quality of his product. He uses only the best carbon and wood to produces a high quality knife which will stand up to professional use. He personally tests each knife produced, and plans on continuing to test them when his production moves to his new factory.  As more chefs discover the quality of his knives, word is spreading and his business is growing. You can take some lessons from Middleton’s success. He started out in his backyard and now has plans to open a large factory to keep up with demand.

If you have a talent, a passion for this talent, and the devotion you can take a craftsman startup business and turn it into a thriving success. It doesn’t matter how small your startup business is, by meeting a need and using your passion you can have the next craftsman startup business success story. The key is to get started and do what you do best. The rest will follow with the right marketing techniques and a high quality product.

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