Lantern Hill – Our Featured Non-Profit for February

When you see an undeniable need…you are driven to fulfill it.

For Lantern Hill, that need is located 99 miles south of San Diego, in the extreme poverty of Ensenada, Mexico, where tens of thousands go without the most basic human necessities every day.

No clean water – No constant meals – Hazardous living conditions – Constant disease – Broken families – No regular income

This is the heartbreaking reality too many Ensenada families face. And these are the very needs Lantern Hill works tirelessly to meet through its “Change One Thing” initiative.

There, in Ensenada, Lantern Hill founders Abby and JJ Williams have established a powerful education, feeding, and care program that, for the past six years, has helped break the cycle of poverty that imprisons so many.

Lantern Hill fights to eradicate poverty by channeling donated resources, manpower, and expertise into a teamwork approach to the Ensenada community’s extreme needs present. Through the “Change One Thing” program, Lantern Hill’s Community Center provides 100+ weekly meals to families, while volunteer teachers and tutors help 40+ students advance in their educational pursuits.

Through a commitment to love, care, and education, Lantern Hill is fostering new hope, new ideas, and unlimited opportunities for children and families, where few—if any—ever existed before.

Still, the need is great, and Lantern Hill relies on supporter generosity to continue growing. Only by joining with new donors can the “Change One Thing” program continue to transform lives. Lantern Hill invites everyone to invest in the effort: families, individuals, youth, college students, young and old… all are welcome to serve! Meet people who will change your worldview (and your life!) forever as you help restore the world through service.

The “Change One Thing” program exists through generous donations of $22/month (or $5/week) which go directly towards food, school supplies, teacher’s salaries, and care programs. What might be a single movie night or a cup of coffee for you translates to an incredible gift for those in Ensenada, as each new donor helps the program reach more children and families in need!

To learn more about Lantern Hill and to lend your support to their “Change One Thing” cause, visit, or find them on Facebook and Twitter @LanternHill.

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