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When dealing with SEO, link diversity is a good strategy to employ, although link marketing should be only a facet of your grand plan. Some links can be designed to appeal to search engine’s web crawlers and some links could appeal to your target audience; such a guest blogging and hoping they will click-through.

Link marketing isn’t just an SEO function anymore; it has morphed into more of a PR mechanism. Businesses and companies aren’t just creating links to influence ranking; that is unnatural and can leave you on a slippery slope headed down. The demotion of links as an SEO tool has been a long time coming. In SEO, a lot of things that used to work well were found to flawed or something better worked in it’s place.

When starting to develop a link strategy, try to look at the guidelines search engines set and pay close attention to what may be violations of quality within those guides. Some practices aren’t against the law, but they can have a negative impact on your strategy as whole. It is best to consult the main search engine’s guidelines often, as things change quickly in internet marketing.

There are tons of free link traffic sources on the internet and plenty of places you can link and back link. Some inbound marketing sources include (but are not limited to): podcasting, forums, comment marketing, Q + A sites, infographics, social media and networks, blogging/blogs, videos, webinars and many others.

Businesses and people have also started using not so nice, (or free) tactics; and that is a gamble you don’t want to take. Companies will launch a site, pay A LOT of money to someone to employ some link building tactics (even dirty tricks), and as long as the website would generate more money than was being spent, it was considered a success and people just overlooked the dirty tactics. This approach may give someone some financial success if they are lucky, but Google will catch on to these dirty plays eventually and then you would either have to repeat the whole process again by launching a new site, or start from scratch and try to do things the honest way. It is better to build your rank through clean, positive plays and practices in order to really achieve long term success.

There isn’t a blueprint for SEO and link building that will fit with every business, but the general theory of identifying what the site needs and how you can achieve it still fits. Google is getting smarter at tracking the bad guys, so doing things the natural and clean way is more important than ever.


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