Marketing Experts Cite Direct Marketing as One of the Most Effective Tools

Recently hopes that Facebook going public would revolutionize the social media marketing scene, but with the disappointing results, marketing experts are now reevaluating direct marketing. Once thought of as a passing trend, direct marketing is now experiencing an upswing in popularity again. If the numbers collected by Target Marketing Magazine are any indication, direct marketing is still going strong and a very effective marketing tool.

Here are the numbers according to a recent Target Marketing survey that show direct marketing is alive and well.

  • 57% of the respondents use marketing automation to engage customers.
  • 59% plan to send more automated email and of these respondents, 83% feel automated marketing increases sales and conversion.
  • 80% use metrics to gauge the effectiveness of automation campaigns.
  • The top 5 data used to build market triggers include transaction history, response history, behavioral data, demographic data, and survey data.

If you plan on using direct marketing, you’ll need to evaluate the big data you’ve collected on your customer base. Big data is the enormous amount of data being collected on your potential and current customers through social media, brand interaction, cookies, and surveys. Once you’ve evaluated your big data, you’re ready to target your emails on the client base you want to build. Like all marketing campaigns, engaging copy and timing are everything. Direct marketing is alive and well, and by the looks of it making its users money.

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