Newsletter Articles- Free Site Traffic Source?

One of the nicest advantages of internet marketing is the availability of so many free site marketing opportunities. We all know about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, and so many more. There is a lesser-known way to create free traffic, it is something simple and you probably aren’t taking full advantage of it: newsletter articles.

There are so many free methods of site traffic and you are probably putting in quite a bit of time and effort to keep them up and consistent before you actually see the benefits and rewards. Writing newsletter articles is a great way to get a jump start. If you have done any article marketing you already know how to write the articles, the only difference is where you are submitting your articles. The most difficult part of the process is finding someone who will publish your articles, and that really isn’t that hard. It is a little time consuming, but it is worth it as the results are practically immediate.

This is how the process works: Newsletter editors always need quality content, particularly so if the newsletter is published frequently. Success comes easily when you have well written piece that offers information that is valuable.  Getting traffic to your website only takes some information in the resource box at the end of the article: give a brief description of who you are, what you offer and give the link to your site.

Once you have decided the topic of your article (it should be something pertaining to your business and website), you need to look for newsletters that fit your branch of business. In order to get the biggest return on your investment, try to find 10-20 niche newsletters that publish free articles. Find out how many subscribers it reaches and start with the newsletter that has the highest number continue down the list. Don’t forget to wait a few days between submissions to avoid having the same article published by different newsletters on the same day. This could be embarrassing to the newsletter and to you; it could also be costly as the newsletter may deny future submissions from you. Once you finish sending to your list, send your article to a list that keeps articles that newsletters can pull from to send to their subscribers.

Writing good content is very important. Your article should be free of spelling and grammatical errors, offering valuable and true information that answers potential questions of your target audience.

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