Pay per Click Advertising Can be Smart Marketing

If you have a business you know how important new customers are to not only make a profit, but to keep your business stable and growing. Without a constant influx of new customers your business will eventually grow stagnant and wither away. This is the reality of any business venture whether it is online or in a physical store front. One way to attract new customers is to invest in a Pay per Click (PPC) advertising campaign. For a small business PPC can be one of the best ways to invest in marketing. You only pay for the clicks you get on your ads. If you use a reputable marketing firm or know how to craft ads yourself, you can reach hundreds if not thousands of online shoppers each day.

Facebook is a good example of using PPC effectively. First you need to create a Facebook page for your business. This is easy enough and free. Next develop your ads to get people over to your page and like it. Once you do this you use your Facebook page to promote your business, educate your visitors about your niche, and get to know your customers. A Facebook page is a powerful marketing tool even without PPC ads, but ad PPC to your marketing arsenal on Facebook and you will see a dramatic rise in visitors and conversions.

You know those ads on the sidebar of Google? Those are PPC ads. If you click on them the advertiser gets billed a fixed amount. If you ignore them, they pay nothing. The main advantage of a PPC marketing campaign is you only pay for what gets used. Print advertising (such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers, or magazines) charges you the same price whether or not anyone sees your ad – let alone acts on it. With PPC you only pay for each click you receive, no more, no less. If you have a small business or a tight advertising budget, consider a PPC marketing campaign.

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