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QR codes are everywhere these days; movie posters, direct mail marketing postcards, business cards, products and anywhere you can put a sticker.  You have probably seen the little (usually) black and white squares with a strange looking barcode on something. What is it? A QR code is a barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone’s camera and can transfer data and information. It usually directs the user to website on the phone browser, but there are some other options of what it can do. QR codes have been around in the US long enough that a lot of people know what they are and have QR scanners on their smart phones. QR codes could be a good fit for your business; here are some basic ways to take advantage of QR codes.


  1. QR codes on business cards. It can help reduce information overload on a card and bring it back to basics. You could put a QR on the card that leads to your LinkedIn profile or website’s contact info.
  2. Labeling. You can include a QR code on a product label, a user enjoying your product could scan the code and be directed to your website where  they can learn about the product, purchase accessories or more products.
  3. Displays and promotions. Putting QR codes on your direct mail promotions of on a storefront poster are good ways to put out your info and give customers an instant way to access your business.
  4. Link your QR code to your email list sign up. Don’t forget to give them a good reason to sign up, use your organic list building best practices.
  5. Give the person scanning something they want. Recently a restaurant and drink company put QR codes to links with free song downloads on there large drink cups. That gave the customers a reason to purchase the larger sizes, and gave them a little something for their trouble.


There are plenty of other ways to use QR codes to your advantage. QR codes are a good, cheap and easy way to connect and engage your audience. There is an element of surprise and fun to QR codes so don’t be afraid to take advantage of people’s natural curiosity.

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