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The key to really optimizing your search engine power is getting inside the minds of those who traffic your sites frequently.  What words are used to describe you in the minds of your consumers or readers?  Once you have a better understanding of those key words it’s easier to determine the best means of SEO support.

The key to any companies’ success is visibility and with any company, visibility is pertinent to the success of any online venue.  Without proper SEO support it’s detrimental to the sites success in terms of traffic and search engine ranking.  Also collaborating with other sites that have similar content is a useful means of increasing your SEO.

But like any marketing tool, you need to understand your audience.  The virtual audience is more difficult to target because of our lack of face to face interactions.  Though it’s easy to determine what type of web browser you are given the items you search.  If you determine that people browsing your site are also often browsing another site, you can build links between the two to optimize traffic on both sites.  Keywords will help with this process.  But again understanding the perfect means of key word correlating to the type of web browsers you typically have on your site will prove a powerful means of increasing traffic.

In any marketing realm there are ways to cheat the system.  Black Hat SEO serves as a tool to flood sites with vast amounts of keywords in order to attract every web browser out there.  Google does not support Black Hat SEOs and this is one way for your site to lose its legitimacy.  If you really hope for positive end results then gaining respect of one of the largest and most legitimate search engines such as Google is one major tool to success.  Staying away from spam related activity will keep you in Google’s good graces.

Focus on your sites message and target audience and then move forward, focusing on ways to increase your SEO.  If you grasp your sites content and work on link building than you will have better success with increasing your sites ranking and thus increasing your sites traffic.  With any marketing effort it’s important to have a solid base behind your site prior to seeking a means of increasing traffic.  Be positive that your site is compiled, organized and completely in the most ideal way with regards to those you hope to bring on your site.  Even in virtual circles, first impressions are everything and increasing your SEO before your site is truly finalized may serve as a major downfall to your sites online success.

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