Recently I started thinking about the importance of how we communicate our message and how important it is to communicate our message effectively.

A lot of the conversations I’ve been having recently have revolved very heavily around messaging and it’s a conversation I really enjoy having. The art of communication is a very important one to me and it plays very heavily into marketing and advertising.

After all, this business is about having the right message, in the right place, in the right time.

But what if that message doesn’t quite make it’s way through the way you want it to?

The way that we say things is really important because if we make up our own jargon or speak in short hand things can get really confusing – almost dangerously so.

It’s something to which one should give a lot of thought while having these conversations. After all, I never imagined myself in a business where “logging into someon’s back end” would be a perfectly acceptable phrase.

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