SEO For Your Images?

You use search engine optimization techniques on your web pages and you make sure that all your links and text content are search engine friendly, but you could be missing out some interested traffic and links.  Using SEO on your images could help you bring in serious visitors to your site. When a user searches for a product or anything, your images, as well as your links could be showing up on their results page. Google has universal search results; meaning images, pages, videos, etc. will show up in the user’s search results.  Images can help your business show up on the first page, as images results are usually on top of the results list. Many other search engines are following suit, so you can start to see how optimizing your images for search engines could seriously benefit your online business.

Here are some ways to help your images rank higher:

Headings and bold text: You can optimize important images by using boldface and heading tags with targeted keywords in the text immediately before the image. When you use headings and bold text you are emphasizing your images.

Image Size: Try to keep your images in the range of 100 x 100 and 1200 x 1200. You can link a larger image using thumbnails. Images that are too large or too small are hard for many users to see so they may get docked points for the size.

Filenames: It is important for you to name your image files wisely. Use the common “jpg” and “gif” file names and include keywords in your filenames to help amp up your relevancy to the search topic.

ALT Text:  ALT Text needs to be used for its original and intended purpose; but when appropriate use keywords as a signal to the search engines. Avoid jamming too many keywords in, or you could be marked down for keyword stuffing, which will work against you.

Image Captions: Placing the search term you are trying to rank in at the forefront of the caption will give you best results. But when that isn’t possible, use keywords in the caption.

If one of your images ranks on the first page of a certain search term consistently, it could bring in hundreds of monthly views you could have otherwise missed. Those extra page views could turn into extra revenue. Don’t overlook SEO for images, or you could be overlooking some undiscovered sales.

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