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Google and Bing factor social signals from various social media sources into their organic search algorithms and the lines between social media and search engines are blurring. This means social media is going to need to become a bigger part of your search engine strategy and soon. Social media is relationship based and relationships are an indicator of relevance, and relevance is the basis or organic search.

Everyone and their Grandma has a Facebook these days and Twitter is following closely. There are hundreds of millions of Facebook users and over half of them log in daily. Your customers are almost guaranteed to be a share in those numbers. They are likely on Facebook and are probably engaging with brands. If your brand/company does not have a Facebook, you ought to consider adding it to your content marketing strategy; if not for the customer relation aspect, for the SEO aspect.

Here are some reasons your brand needs a Facebook for SEO purposes:

  1.  Google and Bing index and crawl Facebook pages because they are public, resulting in Facebook pages appearing in search engine results.
  2. People search for brands on Facebook, as that is a place they often connect with many other aspects of their lives.
  3. SEO is so much more than just making sure your website is search engine friendly, it is more about web presence optimization these days.
  4. Google announced last November that they crawl and index Facebook comments too.
  5. Your target audience is on Facebook so have a presence there.
  6. The “like” button is the new “backlink”.
  7. Your Facebook presence adds backlinks to your site.
  8. The user that just “liked” your page is now a lead/prospect and all their information is readily available to you.
  9. Facebook is mobile; so prospects and clients can access your online presence on their mobile internet or app, even if your website isn’t mobile friendly (but it should be!)
  10. Your competition probably has a Facebook.

SEO is an evolving tactic in marketing because search engines, like Google, keep changing and adjusting their search algorithms to enhance the user’s experience. Estimates put Google at about 500 adjustments to their algorithm in last year. Also, social media and SEO keep fading and that means search engines like Google are going to keep altering their algorithm to include more input and emphasis from social media cues like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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