Startup Spotlight: Neqtr

In your own words, tell us a little about your startup: Neqtr is a philanthropic based dating app that helps people fall in love while saving the world. We do this by connecting people through causes & interests and help them meet at low pressure planned dates that are volunteer opportunities & charity events in their local communities; thus we make giving back sexy.

We are a millennial run company, and have made a point to have bi-weekly focus groups over the last 9 months to understand our market and build a product that they will like. We have several non-profit partnerships in place and are always reaching out to more to add more events for our users.

When did you start your company?: We started working on Neqtr about 9 months ago, and are already launching our beta iOS. Android will be released in about a month.

Who is your target customer?: Our target market are people ages 18-36, hitting both a college & Millennial market. They are single, socially conscious, and looking for something new in the dating world. They might have volunteered before, or they are open to the idea.                                                                               

Are you offering a product, software or service?: Neqtr is a dating app software/service to help people find love, and help non-profits raise awareness and volunteers for their causes.

What pain are you trying to cure?: We are curing these following problems in the market:

  1. Confusion over first dates
  2. Unfulfilling hookup model
  3. Booze focused dates
  4. Wasted time and money
  5. Endless messaging
  6. 20 hrs of community service needed to graduate
  7. Non-profits needing more volunteers to spread awareness

Looking out at the next 6 – 12 months, what does your company need to grow? Our company will be expanding our reach & raising awareness for our brand to our market. We will be expanding to other cities over the next couple of months as well. As mentioned above, we are reaching out to non-profits to make community volunteer partnerships, and will be making more of these connections for each city we move to. We are working on raising Series A to help us do the most impact with our marketing strategy – we will be actively fundraising until that happens.

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