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Startup Spotlight – Seraphim, Inc

Company Name: Seraphim Inc.

In your own words, tell us a little about your startup: We are creating the next generation of consumer drones. Our product, the Seraph, is a camera drone for autonomously filming athletes doing amazing things. As you’re snowboarding, surfing or mountain biking, you have our drone over your shoulder, getting better footage than anyone else can. We have functional prototypes and we’re raising a round of financing to accelerate research and development and launch next summer.

When did you start your company?: Began work in March 2014, Incorporated November 2014

Who is your target customer?: Action sports enthusiasts, athletes                                                                                    

Are you offering a product, software or service?: Hardware product

What pain are you trying to cure?: It is far too difficult for athletes to get smooth, beautiful, sharable video of themselves doing what they love to do.

Looking out at the next 6 – 12 months, what does your company need to grow? Connections to sports brands, distribution partners and manufacturing partners.

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