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Startup Spotlight: SmartGenies

Company Name:

SmartGenies, Inc.

In your own words, tell us a little about your startup:

Inspired by video games and real-life human interaction, SmartGenies is a web and mobile app that offers a unique interactive and dynamic way to share any type of information. It’s a new and exciting way to transform any topic, even the most boring or complex one, into a beautiful, engaging and life-like digital experience we call a “SmartGenie” that is easily shared online and on mobile devices. With SmartGenies, businesses can finally have an easy, affordable and fast way to share with us the most amazing interactive and dynamic guides, walkthroughs, FAQs, product tours, white papers and more, where each user gets only the information they need when they need it without being bored, confused or frustrated in the process. The result is much fewer NFF returns and calls to the customer support center, and much more effective lead generation and satisfied customers.

Please visit to experience many of the SmartGenies we have created so far and view some of the testimonials of our current customers.

When did you start your company?:

SmartGenies was officially formed on December 2013, but we started developing our product a long time before that.

Who is your target customer?:

SmartGenies fills a great need across different markets and industries, and there is a huge demand for it in almost any organization for different purposes, from marketing and sales to training to customer support and more. Our initial target market is small-medium businesses in various industries that do not have huge budgets to spend on the information they share in the digital world, but in the same time highly depend on that information to successfully promote their products and services, generate leads, secure sales, and support their customers. For them having a cost-effective way to dramatically improve the way they communicate in the digital world is a huge strategic advantage that can immensely impact their success in the long run.

Are you offering a product, software or service?:

Currently we are offering a service of creating custom SmartGenie apps for any businesses.

However, our bigger vision for SmartGenies in the long run is to release it to the masses as a self-publishing platform that will allow anyone, businesses and individuals alike, to easily create SmartGenies by themselves and share them online and on mobile devices without any special software skills.

What pain are you trying to cure?:

Businesses today do not have a cost-effective way to share information with us in an interactive and dynamic way. This is why most of the information they are sharing is tedious and cannot keep us engaged and intrigued long enough to be of any real use. In an age where the phrase “there is an app for that” is an everyday reality, our constantly decreasing attention spans prevent most of us from reading more than two sentences or watch a video longer than a minute. This lack of successful communication in the digital world causes several serious problems to businesses in the real world, such as increasing NFF (No Fault Found) returns, calls to customer support centers, and ineffective lead generation from the information itself.

Looking out at the next 6 – 12 months, what does your company need to grow?

In the next 6-12 months our goal is to grow our current services’ sales in about 10x, and in parallel raise the funding we need to execute our bigger vision.

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