The Changing Face of Email Marketing

email-marketing-niche-market-mediaEmail marketing campaigns can be effective ways to bring in new customers and keep existing ones. An effective email marketing campaigns engages readers and spurs them to visit your website and take advantage of what you have to offer. As mobile devices become more popular and more people visit the internet and read their emails on their Smartphones and tablets, the face of email marketing is changing. In order to really reach potential customers you need to change the way your emails look and read. Smaller screens have practically done away with the “fold” (the place in an email where the reader has to scroll down). Subject lines are shorter and the preheaders are now an extension of the subject line. Understanding how email campaigns need to change for mobile readers is important in this new age of mobile marketing and mobile devices.

What’s New

Landing pages need to fit on mobile devices. When you are directing your readers to your site, be sure they can read your page easily on their mobile devices. Also be sure your pages load quickly on a Smartphone or tablet. There is no hard and fast rule of how fast a page loads since there are so many networks and internet speeds for mobile devices, but if your landing page loads quickly and fits on a mobile device easily, your readers will be more apt to visit and stay on your page.

Call to action buttons are easier for mobile users to click. A large call to action button is much easier to use since mobile devices have touchscreens. Mobile users use their fingertips to navigate their screens, so if you have a navigation buttons which are fairly large they will be able to actually do what you ask them to in your email.

Layercake layouts are replacing right rails. Right rails may look great on a PC, but they get lost on a mobile device. The user ends up scrolling sideways and up and down, this can be frustrating and they may just delete your email instead of reading it. Subject lines are also getting smaller since long ones get cut off on mobile devices. Preheaders are also becoming more popular as extensions of the subject line. Three questions need to be answered with subject lines and preheaders:

  • What is the email about?
  • Why should I care about it?
  • What do I do once I read it?

What Stays the Same

The basic premise of email marketing stays the same. You still need to offer your readers valuable content, personal touches, and not flood their inboxes. Nothing turns off readers like spun or rehashed content. Consistent formatting and branding are also vital elements to effective email campaigns. Also the best way to collect email addresses remains the opt-in option. Always have a way for your readers to sign up for your emails on your website, Facebook page, and blogs. If you optimize your emails for the changing way people read their mail, you can still count on email to be an effective marketing tool.

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