The Four E’s of Blogging: Enrichment

By now, if you’ve been reading regularly, you know that we’re dead set in the middle of a series on blogging. If not, you should go back and read the past few installments ;-). Here we are, in the home stretch and moving onto the third “E” of blogging.

Enrichment: This is an interesting one. How can we, as business owners, enrich our readers through our blogs. This one, to be honest, kind of stumped me for a little while. Then I did a search for the definition of the word “enrich” (you can find the search that I ran here).

Personally, my favorite definition of the word is apparently from Wiktionary: To make (someone) rich or richer; To adorn, ornate more richly…

The reason I love this definition so much is because it defines my business perfectly. The mission of Score Consulting is, and always has been, to help each and every one of our clients succeed in their field. We aim to, quite literally (according to this definition), enrich our clients. One of the ways that we do this is by blogging and offering free advice through our blog to our clients and the business community at large.

How do you enrich your readers? Do you offer free advice? Do you teach people? Give them more information than they have now? Maybe some information that’s not typically available to the public (nothing that you would get in trouble for revealing, of course) would make your readers lives easier.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all in business to make a profit (even non-profit organizations need to make a profit to operate), and we don’t need to make any excuses about that. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make things better for our readers outside of that.

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