The Four E’s of Blogging: Entertainment

Well here I am back with part three of my “The Art of Blogging” series. In part two, we started to focus on the importance of the content of your blog, namely focusing on The Four E’s of Blogging. There are a number of different reasons people will keep coming back and reading your blog: to be educated, to be entertained, because they’re engaged with the subject matter or topic of your blog or to be enriched in some way. This time around, we’re going to be focusing on “E #2”.

Entertainment: Think about how much sense this makes: one of my favorite things to do is laugh. There’s nothing better. If I’m not laughing, I want to be amused somehow. Whether it’s a story, a bad joke or just an interesting fact, I want to be entertained. If I’m not, I’m bored.

Bored readers aren’t return readers.

If you look back through my blogs, I have the tendency to tell a lot of stories. I’m a story teller; I always have been. I like to think I’m pretty good at it, too. I’m also a musician, and when I’m on stage, in between songs, I tell stories. It’s just what I do. More importantly, it’s how I keep people interested in what I’m doing.

If you can make people feel like they’re a part of your life, invariably they’ll be more engaged in what you’re talking about (if you can make it funny, it’s even betterJ). No matter what industry you’re in, you can always relate it to some part of your life that’s worth talking about.

That’s my way of entertaining people. What’s yours? Do you have an awesome sense of humor? Can you weave a tale with a moral and a point? Incorporate it into your writing and you’ll keep a lot more readers.

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