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The Way You Make Me Feel

So it’s my birthday today and it just so happens to be the day that I had a reminder pop up to jot down some thoughts on my own experiences in marketing and today I thought I’d talk a bit about client retention. You see the best way to hold on to your clients and customers is to make them feel like they’re the only people on the planet. Regardless of how big or small they are relative to your other clients or how much they buy relative to your other customers, if you can make someone feel like they’re the only person that matters to you, they’ll keep working with you for years.

I’m a member of the University Club Atop Symphony Towers in San Diego and they do a phenomenal job at this, one of the best I’ve seen, in fact. Not only does everyone from the GM to the waiter know my name (and that I prefer to be called Ian over Mr Campbell) but this morning, I was greeted with happy birthdays and a breakfast “on me today – happy birthday” by the servers.

I can think of a myriad of other examples when it comes to their dining services but my favorite is one night when I brought my wife here for a date night for a special event they had ink their ballroom with a jazz trio and special dinner menu. I’d made reservations a couple weeks ahead and when we got here, we ordered a drink from the bar and waited for our table to be ready. When we walked into the ballroom, the manager himself was setting up another table by the window for us so that we could enjoy the view as opposed to sitting in the middle of the room. Now if you’ve ever seen the view from the University Club at sunset, you know it’s not to be missed and the fact that they went the extra step to get things set up for us with smiles and words of enjoyment was just that “extra mile” mentality to make my wife and I feel like they were doing it for US and not just for club members.

You see, retention doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it doesn’t have to revolve around big parties or holiday galas, not even a punch card. Retention is about the way that you make me feel every time I walk into your place of business. Am I the only one or am I only one? Make me the only one and I’m yours forever

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