Tips for Designing a Memorable and Professional Logo and Tagline for Your Start Up Business

logo_designA logo and tagline for your start up business are essential. These are the two things people should remember about your business and help to set you apart from the competition. Think about the companies you can recognize just from their logos or taglines – Coca Cola, Pepsi, KFC, Nike, Apple, and Microsoft just to name a few. Logos and taglines are also vital elements in branding your start up company. As important as these two elements are, it is easy to make major mistakes when creating them. Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect logo and tagline for your start up.

Logo Tips for Your Start Up

  • Keep it simple. You need a logo that catches the eye. Keep your colors to a maximum of three or four. Two is ideal. Make sure the colors look good in grayscale. For example Microsoft’s new logo is simple, but the colors will just be gray splotches if printed in grayscale. You need contrast for it to look good in grayscale. Go with striking shapes or lines instead of a very complicated design.
  • Get the font and design right. Not picking on the new Microsoft logo, but some experts say the font is wrong. If you use large letters, space them closer together and be sure the spacing is consistent. The last two letters in their logo are smashed together and it just looks off balance. Some graphic designers say this is correct and proper, but really look at how your logo looks and think of the average person’s impression. Artsy is great, but not always correct. Choose a font to match the style of your logo and stay away from flowing script since it is hard to read.
  • Don’t center your logo. Logos which are off center look better to the reader. They also look more professional.  Don’t center your tagline right under your logo if you can help it.
  • Be brief and be gone. This is a mantra from management. It is true for your tagline. Don’t try to sound self-important, just tell your customers what you’re all about in as few words as possible. Try to answer the questions of who you are, what do you do, why you are different, and why your customers should care.
  • Connect with emotions. Effective taglines hit an emotional button with the reader. Consider the tagline of Pinterest, “Organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” Right away you know this is a photo sharing site that people can share things of interest with others. Keep your tagline in plain English and avoid buzzwords. Buzzwords are like fads, they come and go quickly and can date your company.
  • Be original. This will set you apart from all the copycats out there in the land of commerce. With plain straightforward English and creative ideas your tagline can be remembered.

Tagline Tips for Your Start Up

A high quality professional designed logo and tagline are your face to the world. They can either make or break a first impression, so take the time to really think about and experiment with different looks and phrases. If you’re not graphically inclined have a professional help you out. They will know how to develop a memorable and effective logo and tagline combination for you start up business.

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