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Advances in the internet, coupled with today’s social media environment opened up a completely new method to maximize your marketing strategy.  Before social media came onto the market, a company’s potential to interact with customers was somewhat limited, and in some cases very discouraging.  Take for example, Telemarketing.  This industry was negatively impacted when caller i.d. and call blocking were implemented in the 1980’s, then came the “Do Not Call Registry” in 2003.  Naturally, this all but cut the lines of communication between them and their customers.   Another example is the small businesses owner who simply lacked the financial resources to market their companies effectively.  These problems ultimately led to the demise of many businesses.

Today, technological advances allow business owners to meet those challenges head on by integrating Social Media Marketing with traditional marketing strategies.  To use social media marketing effectively, you must first realize that it takes a good amount of time and effort.  However, when executed and applied properly it can greatly increase your potential for new leads, brand recognition, traffic rates, and number of sales.  To accomplish this, it is imperative to know what type of image you want to project, and promote it consistently.  Then you will need to create an account and set up a profile with several social media networks.  Your profile must be intelligible and strictly focused on your business activities.  It must also coincide with your businesses objective.  A few simple tips would be to place your company’s logo as the thumbnail image on your profile, and also incorporate that logo into a custom designed background.  This supports a professional and cohesive image.

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are all high traffic sites you can use.  On these sites, your tasks will be to find or attract potential customers. Once this is accomplished, you have information you can use to market your products.  In addition, social media sites have tools you can use to connect with your audience.  Think out of the box.  For instance, on Facebook post an incentive on your fan page to attract potential buyers.  On Youtube, create and upload a series of high quality, informative videos. Targeted customers watch these videos, and then have the option to share them on other social media networks.  This does require some skill, but the cost is well worth the potential return on your investment.  As with any successful marketing plan, tracking your progress is essential.  Google Analytics is a free tool that does the tracking for you, so you can stay up to date on how many hits your site receives, where they come from, (including Twitter and Facebook,) how long they stayed, and what interested them most.  This allows you to make strategic changes if necessary.  In business, one thing is certain and that is competition. You must take a pro-active approach in order to stand out.  Integrating social media outlets will help ensure that you are doing everything you can to promote your business, and dominate the competition.

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