VentureTown USA – Our Featured Non-Profit for July

Welcome to VentureTown, USA!

Now, before you start searching for that on a map, we’ve got a confession—it’s not a real town. In fact, it’s a documentary film that we’re excited to bring to viewers across the country, taking you behind-the-scenes to discover the true essence of entrepreneurship and leadership!

These days, the current business and millenial generation is becoming increasingly defined as an “entrepreneurial generation.” 54% of young people either have started or would like to start their own business within the next few years (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics annual report). There certainly remain challenges and obstacles to this worthy goal, such as a still-recovering economy, sluggish job market, or the rising prices of higher education.

But these challenges are only causing the entrepreneurial spirit to burn brighter with each passing year. Through the VentureTown, USA film, we’ve made a particular effort to embody the entrepreneurial vision, especially the growing trend towards “social entrepreneurship” that’s giving charities and nonprofits across the country a new financial bedrock to build on. With that in mind, we wanted this full-length movie to go beyond being just an educational journey.

Yes, we will reveal what inspires successful entrepreneurship. The film does look at the “secret” to being an effective business leader, no matter how big or small your work environment is. We want to connect with students, investors, venture capitalists, small business owners, and more and encourage them to pursue their dreams, no matter what!

However, we’re taking it a step further: our greatest hope is that VentureTown, USA can also be a powerful fundraising tool for various nonprofits we’ve partnered with. A large portion of all proceeds from the DVD purchase directly benefits these charities, giving them the immediate resources they need to continue making a difference in their communities.

We wanted to give audiences an opportunity to improve their communities while also helping themselves—becoming better entrepreneurs and leaders through the movie’s lessons, while using DVD sales proceeds to support some very worthy nonprofit organizations.

To do that, though, we need your help! Our DVD is readily available and we’re working to get it in the hands of a practically unlimited audience across the country. You can help spread the word to your family and friends and business associates—whether in-person, through social media, or otherwise. And you can help people see VentureTown, USA as an incredibly valuable resource that will impact every viewer for years to come.

So check out the VentureTown, USA trailer today! Discover its potential to change lives! And become the next strong link in a chain of leaders that stretches across the nation.

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