Video as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Did you know Google owns YouTube and that YouTube is the most searched website (2nd to Google) on the internet? The power of video is unsurpassed in the marketing world. The beauty of producing videos for your business is that they are relatively cheap compared to other forms of marketing. Videos are also very accessible and create traffic to your business’ website. Unlike a magazine advertisement which gets thrown away or ignored, videos can be viewed on almost any device which has internet access.

Video plays hand in hand with social networking. Spreading the news about new videos is as easy as sharing a link. People can also share your videos with the link, or embed them into their blogs and websites. If you make your videos interesting, entertaining, and engaging people will want to share them and see what you come up with next.

Here are some tips to help make video a powerful marketing tool.

  • Notify customers and clients of new videos by including a link in your newsletters.
  • Always share the link on every social networking site you use, and bookmark the link with sites such as Reddit, Digg, Diggio, Stumble Upon, and any other site you use.
  • Keep your most recent video on your home page or landing page of your website.
  • Use product demonstrations, endorsements, testimonials, and expert advice as subjects of your videos. Offer something people can use and will want to spend time watching.

Tap into the power of video for your business. It is one marketing tool small and large businesses can use to increase brand awareness, draw in new customers, and retain old ones.


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