Videos in Your Marketing Plan

YouTube is a hugely popular site with millions of people using it daily, and you can’t go to many websites of large businesses that don’t have at least one video. Videos are easier than ever to make, edit and publish and you should consider adding them to your internet plan as they can make a huge impact.  They can bring a human element to your brand and deliver to a more targeted audience as well as giving you increased exposure and traffic when you use large video sites. Videos can also have an effect on your search engine rankings, so there is another reason to implement videos if you weren’t already convinced.

You have heard the positives about videos, and now you want one. It is so much simpler than you may think. Most new computers come with video editing soft ware and a video camera and microphone are easily available at a big box electronic store like Best Buy. Now, you have the equipment, the easy part starts: topic. There are so many topics to make a video about; it just depends on what direction you want to go with your videos. Here are some examples: how to, office/virtual tour, did you know?, behind the scenes/meet the people behind the company and many others.  One helpful bit of advice is to keep the videos under ten minutes as people have short attention spans.

You made an awesome video, but in order to reap the search engine rewards there are a few things you need to do.  You need to submit your video to Google so that it can get crawled and indexed like you would a web page, or else it won’t show up on the search results.  But before you do that, you need to prepare you video and site so that it can be indexed, you need to create a video site map.  You also will need to create a robot.txts file and include all the video pages to be certain the Google is not blocked and to allow the search engine to quickly verify your video content. That is a little technical, but don’t be nervous, you can do it or call you tech help and it is completely worth it.

Videos are a popular way to interact and communicate on the internet and it can increase you visibility and traffic to your site. It is fairly simple and it is worth all the benefits you will receive.

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