What’s In a Name?

Well…a lot, actually.

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about branding, brand development and, more importantly, name development.

Obviously, when developing your corporate identity, whether you’re a lawyer, a global brand or a handyman, your name is one of the most important pieces to starting a business and creating a name for yourself in whatever space in which you’re trying to play.

As you may be aware, this firm recently underwent a brand redevelopment project and, as a result, I think we’re better poised to accomplish some of the corporate goals I’ve set for the next one, three and five years.

So what’s in a name and, as Shakespeare put it, would not a rose by any other name smell as sweet?


When this firm was still called Score Consulting, because of its brand clash with the volunteer organization SCORE, we were fairly relegated to the small business consulting space. And that was fine when I started the company – it was, in fact, how I built it when I was still living in Rochester.

Eventually, however, we made the decision that we wanted to get into the creative space and work our way up to becoming a major player in the cities in which we had a presence. When that decision was made, and understanding the brand confusion that was associated with our former name, we knew we had to make a drastic change.

Our creative services were just as good as they always had been and the ideas and leadership that brought the company to where it is today are still in place. But our name had to change to more accurately portray the mission of the firm (no pun intended).

Names are important. They’re the first impression of your business’s identity and need to be well planned and developed. After all, if a roses were called garlics, do you think anyone would be encouraging you to stop and smell them?

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